Task management made dead simple

The simple task management platform
Tailored to help you manage ad-hoc tasks blazingly fast.


What separates Dispo from the pack?



Built on the newest SignalR technology, we are able to provide instant data transfer between all types of devices.


Secure & Private

Using some of the strongest security-features the market has to offer, we protect your identity by encrypting across the whole platform.

We are not interested in commercializing on your data, and we never will be.


To the point

Dispo is built for fast and simple Ad-hoc task management and nothing else.

There is not a ton of confusing features, only what you need, where you need it.

Simple does it

At Dispo we believe that even the most complex problems, can have a simple solution.

Simple does it is our mantra and it's at the core of everything we do.
Whether it be making coffee, coming up with new business ideas, or making the worlds first sentient AI...

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Used by

At BESTSELLER Aarhus City Halvmarathon, DHL Stafetten & Moesgaard Trail Run